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Open Thread - Game 27: Oakland Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays

Don't worry about it. The A's haven't lost in May yet.
Don't worry about it. The A's haven't lost in May yet.

Somewhat improbably, the A's are still slow-dancing with Miss .500, looking to go up and over that winning percentage if they can take the opener tonight. It will not be an easy task, as the A's are facing David Price and the red-hot Rays club. On paper, David Price vs. Tyson Ross looks very much a mismatch in the Rays' favor, but we've seen stranger things happen; after all, the A's are coming off a series win in Fenway Park.

The good news for the A's is that Jemile Weeks is back in the lineup, and the exciting news is that so is Michael Taylor, who is replacing Coco Crisp.

Assuming Taylor can continue his Triple-A success in the big leagues, this lineup almost seems...respectable. Unfortunately, they will have to overcome not only David Price, but Tyson Ross, as well, who gave up nine runs his last time out. But again, that's why they play the games.

Happy Friday to all!