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The A's and Their Horrific Offense Drop 8th Straight Game

Can we play the A's EVERY day!!?
Can we play the A's EVERY day!!?

So if you are looking for an all-time losing streak, the A's are adding to that total daily! Hey; we're good at losing, yay! Seriously, the A's are terrible at anything offensively. At least they didn't break what is left of our collective hearts today; when you get shutout again, you never have a lead to lose. The A's drop an uninspired game today as the Twins (the TWINS!) complete the sweep with a 4-0 score. This team can't hit. Racking up three hits in nine innings is not so good. Congratulations to Jemile Weeks for his single. Yay! Congratulations to Coco Crisp for his single. Yay! And a huge congratulations to Collin Cowgill for a double! Two whole bases...yay!

If you care (and you probably don't!) Tyson Ross went 5 innings, allowing six hits and four earned runs, while walking three. Yay!

I have nothing more to say. I'll post an awesome article from Sports Illustrated soon, and we can talk about non-A's related baseball. The A's play the Royals starting Friday. Maybe in the meantime, the bats are on their way?

We can only hope.