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Open Thread: Game 47 - Oakland Athletics vs. New York Yankees

You may need to readjust the aspect ratio of your TV screen for this one. Today's pitching matchup will be best viewed in widescreen, as it features two of the largest men in Major League Baseball facing off on a pitcher's mound which might finish the day a couple inches lower than it started.

Last year, Bartolo Colon was on the Yankees. Today, he will be pitching against the Yankees. In the business world, this would be called a "demotion." In baseball, it's called "free agency." Last week, I got to see one of the best things I've ever seen before, when Colon strode to the plate for a couple of at-bats against the Giants. The sight of Colon stepping into the box was just pure gold. If he can make the Yankees' hitters look like he looked against Tim Lincecum, the A's may have a very good day. I would expect a couple of home runs and a handful of called third strikes, and a short hook for Colon (who has only thrown as many as 90 pitches four times this season).

To get you in the mood, here is an article from ESPN in 2008 regarding whether or not Sabathia's ample profile might earn him the uniform with the most pinstripies in Yankees' history. It's baseball time!

Lineups (Coco/Cowgill instead of Smith, Rosales instead of Kila/Barton, Donaldson hitting 5th...this is going to be a quick game. I'm excited; I've never seen a no-hitter before!):