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Game Thread: C.J. Wilson @ Sacramento Lawyerballers Game 44

The Athletics take on the Angels tonight at the Coliseum where they will welcome our vilest of vile opponents: C.J. Wilson. My love lost for C.J. knows no bounds and hopefully all of you feel the same way. Wilson of course criticized us Oakland A's fans! He criticized our mound! He criticized our players! He criticized the many attorneys around America working counts! Tonight it is our time to strike back...

To do so Bob Melvin assembled the best lineup he could from the Pacific Coast All Star Team. Yup, we have a dud of a lineup out there. No Josh Reddick. No Jemile Weeks. And then on top of that the order is all weird. Josh Donaldson hitting 5th? Pennington 6th? Rosales 7th? I can't say I fully understand the methodology here and hope it is just routine rest for our better players.

On the mound for the A's is another recent River Cat, call up Graham Godfrey who looks to put one in the win column for the first time in his fourth start of the season. Game starts at 7:05... LETS GO SAC-RA-MEN-TO!!!