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May Lounge: April's 10-12 record brings May's....


In April, we had one lounge. Our team went 10-12 in games that count. It seemed like we played Seattle every other night. No one new went on the disabled list (though Braden was transferred from the 15-day to the 60-day DL). We had three Australians. A rotating door at third base. And our longest stretch without a break was 13 games.

In May, amazingly enough, we will not face Seattle. In fact, barring a hugely unexpected trade, we will not face King Felix until late June, if even then. May brings us 16 in a row, games against the Gnats, Yankees, and Rangers (among others),

May is also the start of the summer movie season, so I expect there to be lots of movie talk in here. And books, because books are awesome. And cooking, because I'm always looking for new recipes. Oh sure, we can talk baseball too. ;)

Happy Lounging y'all!

Ooooh, and this month's poll is a little sing-a-long can dance if you wanna....