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Open Thread - Game 40: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants

It's time for the annual Battle of the Bay as the A's face off against the Giants, and most of the resident A's fans not only root for the A's just because, but also to shut up their coworkers. The Giants have had the best of this decade so far, so it's time for our surprising 2012 A's (20-19 this year to the Giants' 19-19) to show the Bay Area that it's still a two-team race.

Unfortunately, the A's are still playing their B team tonight (and Donaldson is still at third base), but perhaps they will fare as well against Barry Zito as previous A's teams. Jarrod Parker will be facing the Giants tonight, and batting! From what I hear, he is more likely to be able to hit than Colon.

Let's get this show on the road!

Here are your lineups: