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Brandon Inge to DL for driving in too many runs

Good morning A's fans! I thought that, as Oakland fans, it would only be appropriate to start your day off with a good kick to the groin. Today's buzzkill: Brandon Inge, who just got done hitting 4 homers and driving in 16 runs over an absurd 5-day span, has been placed on the DL with a groin injury. According to Susan Slusser, it will be retroactive to May 13, meaning that he can return on the 28th. Adam Rosales has been re-called, and he's in the lineup today. He's also playing 1st base. Do you hear that, Daric Barton? That's the sound of you losing at-bats to a utility infielder who hit .098 last season. Borrowed time, my friend.

In case you forgot just how hot Inge had been last week, here are a couple reminders from the Athletics' Twitter:

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Inge is the 1st player with four 4+ RBI games in a 5-game stretch since Lou Gehrig in 1931. #Athletics


Brandon Inge is the 2nd player in #Athleticshistory to hit 2 grand slams over a 3-game span; the other is Jimmie Foxx on Sept. 22-24, 1932.

Don't worry though, the A's have plenty of offense to make up for this loss. If there was a sarcasm font on the Internet, I would have used it for that last sentence. It is extremely frustrating to lose a player on a historic hot streak, even if that hot streak was mostly based on RBI's. I'll take anything positive out of our hitters at this point, and he was doing positive things.

Speaking of utility infielders who are hitting .098, get ready for a lot more Josh Donaldson. Wait, he's not even doing that well. He's only batting .089. More like "futility infielder." This post is making me sad, so I'm going to stop writing now and start listening to the game. Sigh.