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Open Thread - Game 33: Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

After a truly horrific game last night, which saw the A's score 6 runs (including a grand slam) and easily lose, the A's look to right the ship tonight against Rick Porcello and the Tigers. The A's are back at .500, and don't really need a long losing streak, having dropped their last two games. Tommy Milone will get the call for the A's. He struggled badly in the first inning in his last start, allowing four runs, but the A's got him a win. Bartolo Colon wasn't so lucky last night; he was pulled early. The A's got an infusion of a fresh arm in the person of Andrew Carignan, and life in the outfield with Colin "They're not 'boo-ing, they're 'moo-ing'" Cowgill.

Obviously we are still concerned with the heath of Yoenis Cespedes; he is not in the lineup tonight, and I hope he's not rushed back. But I also want him to play. Dilemmas.

Tonight's lineups will look something like this:


Your 2012 Oakland Athletics:

Weeks (2B)
Pennington (SS)
Reddick (RF)
Ka'aihue (DH)
Smith (LF)
Inge (3B)
Barton (1B)
Suzuki (C)
Cowgill (CF)