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A's Inge Closer But Can't Overcome Colon-Cleansing

From the git-go, it was like "Freaky Thursday," where Bartolo Colon and I switched arms. Seemingly on the mound with my stuff, Colon opened the game giving up a rocket to 3B, saved and converted into an out by Brandon Inge. The second batter, Andy Dirks, launched a HR to right and it never really got better.

The A's actually did have a brief lead tonight, courtesy of Kila Ka'aihue's monstrous 2-run HR to CF in the bottom of the 2nd off of Max Scherzer. Kila had a good night at the plate, adding a walk and a double.

The 8 run top of the 3rd reminded me of a Sunday softball game. I think it's fair to say that Colon's attempt at a "shutdown inning" was an epic fail characterized by a bevy of line drives off of hanging nothing-balls. Meanwhile, Ka'aihue clanked a bouncer to 1B and Josh Reddick overran a single to CF. Really, the only thing separating that inning and a Sunday softball game was that there wasn't a beer cup standing in for second base and there wasn't an out-of-shape old guy lobbing pitches...You know what, it was actually just the beer cup.

Trailing 10-2 in the bottom of the 8th, the A's had their one shot. They loaded the bases with two out and that's when Brandon Inge did his best imitation of...well...Brandon Inge, hitting his second grand slam in three days, this one to RF, to make it 10-6. Things actually got legitimately interesting by inning's end, with Ka'aihue doubling and Anthony Recker drawing a walk, setting up a situation where a Michael Taylor HR could make it 10-9. He struck out.

Jim Miller ate up 3 innings in long relief, which means he lasted longer than the starting pitcher (2.1 IP, 9 hits, 8 runs), and the A's also had to use Jordan Norberto, Jerry Blevins, and Grant Balfour to mop up. Tommy Milone want to be at his best tomorrow night. Luckily, he's pitching at the Coliseum, where he hasn't allowed a run in 16 innings, which is slightly better than he has fared on the road (18 ER in 20.2 IP). He'll face a mushroom known as Porcello.