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Cespedes Homers in Eventful 7 - 8 Loss to Mariners

"What is that, like 500 feet?"
"What is that, like 500 feet?"

An entertaining game, nonetheless (a least in the second half of the game). Bartolo Colon gave up a leadoff triple toChone Figgins and a Dustin Ackley drove him in with an RBI ground out and then went silent until the 4th inning. Dustin Ackley had lead off single and was driven in by an Ichiro Suzuki triple, which was actually misplayed byYoenis Cespedes when the line drive soared over his head. All this opened the flood gates and led to the Mariners scoring 6 runs in the 4th due to a shaky defense, and questionable pitching from Colon who ended up giving 10 hits and 7 earned runs over 4.1 innings of work. The A's loaded the bases in the next inning, but were only able to score one run off a Seth Smith sacrifice-fly. Jemile Weeks homered the A's and it was soon 2 to 7. Justin Smoak homered in the next inning and then came the moment of the game. With two runners on base, Cespedes hit his 3rd home run of the season, a monster 3 run shot to left-center field and brought the A's within one run at 7 to 8. The A's were unable come up with more runs and Brandon League shut the door and earned the save. Felix Hernandez ultimately received the win and was as dominant as always, but only for the first half, yet he still ended up with 8 hits, one walk and 6 earned runs over 6.1 innings. Overall, this was a very weird game that had its fielding miscues, and some pitching woes, but showed that the A's do have some power, it's just a matter of being able to get the runners in when they are in scoring position, where they were 2 for 7 (.285), which isn't too bad, but in high-scoring games like these, you have to get those runs in.

The A's have an off day tomorrow and will face the Royals on Monday at 7:05 PM. Good night everybody and please, be patient with this team, the wins will come!