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Open Thread - Game 22: Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles (cont'd)

If you haven't been watching this game thus far, then you probably shouldn't start now. Just go enjoy your Saturday.

The Orioles scored 5 runs in the 2nd off of Tyson Ross without hitting anything particularly hard: infield single, grounder through the hole, soft liner over Pennington, grounder up the middle, etc. Lots of singles, helped along with some lackluster defense by the A's. Cespedes finally did make a good play in the 3rd, gunning down Wilson Betemit while he tried to stretch his double into a triple. Some poor officiating by home plate ump Eric Cooper (blown interference call, blown call on a play at the plate) contributed to a couple of more runs in the 5th. Also a contributing factor: Jerry Blevins.

The A's offense has done absolutely nothing in 5 innings. True story.

The play of the game so far, though, was Orioles' starter Wei-Yin Chen getting hit straight in the weiner by a grounder off the bat of Kila, but still recovering to make the play. That's dedication.

9-0 Orioles, entering the 6th. :-(