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Graham 'Unmitigated Disaster" Godfrey and A's Offense Hand Game to Cleveland

The game started innocently enough, as Graham Godfrey had a 1,2,3 inning, with a strikeout, even. But then, it went all to hell for Godfrey. Although it could have been worse on he scoreboard for Godfrey, 4 runs would be damage enough, at the A's couldn't quite come back, despite being given every chance in the world by the Indians' pitching.

Godfrey would get through 5 innings, allowing three hits and four earned runs, but his lack of command was the real issue as he walked 5 and hit 2 Indians. Although Blevins, De Los Santos (well, he made an appearance), and Norberto wouldn't allow The Tribe to extend its lead, the A's offense managed to got in their own way most of the night.

The A's would leave the bases loaded in the second after Sogard watched strike 3 to end the inning, but Reddick then homered to tie the game in the third. Oakland put 2 more on in the fourth but could not plate either runner and that was after Kila hit a rocket line drive that turned into a DP. Reddick doubled with one out in the fifth, and Cespedes (who looked great tonight with 3 hits and a walk) singled him in, but the A's botched a double steal later that inning after Smith walked. Cespedes had third stolen easily, but Smith was thrown out for the second out at second base on a strong throw by Carlos Santana.

Jemile Weeks tripled to open the bottom of the seventh and Cespedes singled him in to close the gap to 1, but that would be the last run of the night for the A's as Kila grounded out to end the 7th with the bases loaded. After FDLS struggled in 8th and was bailed out by Jordan Norberto, the A's managed a two out ringing double by Weeks (man can he fly by the way), but Pennington grounded out weakly to end the 9th.

After the Indians loaded the bases, but did not score, the A's did not put up a fight in the bottom of the 9th going down in order at the hands of Indians closer Chris Perez.

We do it again tomorrow at 6:05 with Brandon McCarthy taking the hill to face Jeanmar Gomez. See ya then!