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Open Thread: Game 15 - Oakland Athletics vs. Cleveland Indians

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HAPPY FRIDAY! baseballgirl here, soon to be heading to the Los Angeles airport for a quick weekend jaunt to Washington DC. Red eye flights, tons to do, and Gio Gonzalez pitching on Sunday in a ballpark I've never seen? Sign me up. I'll be finishing the game threads from LAX, and hopefully the winning recap; A's Winners of Four In A Row, so judge accordingly.

According to, lots of A's players have the flu. Well, they are winning with the flu, so whatever works, I guess. And did we know Bob Melvin is funny?

It's like kindergarten," joked manager Bob Melvin, who has been carrying around a bottle of Purell sanitizer in his back pocket. "Wash your hands, do the best you can."

Graham Godfrey will get the start for Gryffindor the A's tonight, facing off against the Indians' ace Ubaldo Jimenez. That's likely to go well. Jimenez got shelled his last outing, so I would hope for more of the same.

Your lineups:

I see my pleas have been heard; Penny is batting in the 2-spot again (this also could be that Crisp is out of the lineup). Smith will be in the field, and Gomes will be DH'ing. Let's do this!