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Open Thread: Game 13 - Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels

Best pitcher so far this season!
Best pitcher so far this season!

The A's inched closer to the vixen tease Miss .500 last night with a late-inning comeback over the Angels, as they try for their sixth win of the season tonight. Bartolo Colon will look to best his former team as he faces off against Ervin Santana. Aw. I wanted Kevin Jepsen to start.

In other A's news, Collin Cowgill (sad moo) has been sent to Triple-A to make room for fifth starter Tyson Ross, and Andrew Carignan has been replaced by Neil Wagner.

Your lineups tonight, courtesy of Baseball Press:

Coco will have a night off, Pennington is batting second (I have always liked that move), and Gomes will be in left field.