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Late Night Recap: A's sunk by Mariners, revised projections

Dude, you're 42, too?  SWEET.
Dude, you're 42, too? SWEET.

You know what was cool about today's game? This is the last time the A's will face the Mariners until June 25th.

Yeah, that's about it.

Today, the A's fell behind early on the mishap of Brendan Ryan clubbing a 2-run HR off of Graham Godfrey in the 2nd. One inning later, Justin Smoak launched an HR to right, giving the M's a 3-run advantage. While 3 runs seemed insurmountable at the time, Eric Sogard tied the game with a glasses-powered HR to right in the top of the 5th, briefly tying the score at 3.


Then, the A's had to play defense in the bottom of the inning. Bad move, A's. Jemile Weeks made an ill-advised attempt to get the lead out at 2nd when he should have gone for the sure out at 1st. Following an RBI double by Ichiro, Godfrey dug himself a bigger hole by bobbling a bouncing comebacker, allowing Ackley to score instead of keeping him at 3rd.

That was pretty much all she wrote for this game. The A's managed three baserunners for the rest of the game. Hope extinguished.

Now, onto the rest of the season...

The A's have played 10 games thus far. Yes, they've played 7 games against the Mariners, a team that seems to play above their paygrade when they see green-and-gold uniforms. I've gone on record saying this is a 70 win team; not 100 losses, but not really very good either. After watching these 1st 10 games, I'm inclined to stick to my projections. Braden and Anderson will eventually return. If he continues to have such uninspiring performances, Godfrey will be replaced by Jarrod Parker or Brad Peacock. Cespedes' defense will improve, as will his pitch selection.

What do you think? Has your projection of the A's final record changed after watching them for 10 games? Post below.