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Favorite baseball road trip?

Somewhere, 67MARQUEZ is gluing together a couple dozen Stomper trumpet puppets in response. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Somewhere, 67MARQUEZ is gluing together a couple dozen Stomper trumpet puppets in response. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
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The Athletics are on their first road trip of the year, well, domestic road trip. By the time you read this, I'll be on an airplane headed for the Emerald City. This is my first time in Seattle and first time visiting Safeco Field. I've heard from many A's fans that Safeco is one of, if not the best, stadium experiences in Major League Baseball. I look forward to having a great time.

So now I'm wondering... what is your favorite non-Coliseum MLB stadium? Like me, do you hate the Giants but enjoy AT&T Park? Or is the old classic of Dodger Stadium, complete with the tones of Vin Scully on your radio, more your speed? Maybe you've been to one of the true cathedrals — Wrigley Field or Fenway Park? Perhaps you're into cutting edge parks, and prefer Target Field, Nationals Park, Citi Field or the new Yankee Stadium? Hey, you could be color blind and be able to stomach Marlins Park. Comment below!

Tom Milone and the A's face the Mariners' Hector Noesi tonight at 6:10 p.m. Go A's!

Some of my favorites:



AT&T Park

I know, I know. I hate the team, love the ballpark. The garlic fries are amazing, and there really aren't many bad views. My favorite seats are third deck, right above home plate. You get a great view of the field and the bay. I've seen games of little no importance (read: prior to 2010) and I've seen a Dodgers/Giants game, which was a truly electric experience. A funny story to tell a Giants fan: apparently, when Pac Bell Park was being built, designers forgot to include bullpens in the plans. They were added later.



Petco Park

I went to college in San Diego, and Petco Park was my way to see some baseball. Uppermost tickets aren't too expensive, and for the time when I was in school, the team was pretty good. It's an amazing place to see some pitching duels, and I love the wide-open concourses. It's just an absolutely beautiful ballpark. Plus the Randy Jones BBQ is delicious. Seriously, look at the size of the RJ Slugger Dog!



Coors Field

I swear, what is it about NL West ballparks? This one is a definite must for anyone who wants to fly to a new ballpark, but not spend too much money on a flight. There's a great brewery right in the ballpark and it's definitely a kick to sit in the purple row of seats that are a mile above sea level. I found Rockies fans to be quite polite and knowledgeable too.



Turner Field

I got absolutely lucky. I got amazing seats to last year's Civil Rights Game, so both Atlanta and Philadelphia wore sweet throwback uniforms. Plus the pitching matchup was Tim Hudson vs. Roy Halladay. As pictured, the Braves have a drumline crew that performs before the game and it's really fun to watch. Plus there are the tool races and these girls. The Tomahawk Chop gets old very, very, very quickly though. All in all, Turner Field (and Atlanta, in general) is somewhere any baseball fan should visit.



Old Yankee Stadium

I could definitely tell why it was outdated, but the sense of history at that ballpark was breathtaking. I watched the A's lose twice, but I almost (almost) didn't care. This was a baseball pilgrimage. Yankees fans may be jerks at the Coliseum, but the ones I spoke to at Yankee Stadium were pretty cool.