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Open Thread: Game 8 - Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners

So, Felix. We meet again. This time, it's for the Seattle home opener, where Felix Hernandez will try to delight the crowd by striking out some A's hitters. We would actually like to beat him; third time's the charm, right? The A's scored but a single run off him in the Japan opener, but managed to hang six on him last week (ironically, that's the game in which he got his first win). Tonight, Bartolo Colon will match up against Felix in what he hopes will be his second win of the season.

Melvin's quote was kind of classic:

"It's going to be another Opening Day where I'm going to have to go and shake the manager's hand at home plate again," said Oakland manager Bob Melvin of Friday's series opener. "I've shaken his hand more than a lot of my own players, I think.

Here are your lineups, courtesy of my best friends, BaseballPress:

Looks like the usual crew, even including Josh Reddick and Cliff Pennington, who both left Wednesday's game early.

So, let's do it!