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Video: Jemile Weeks Hangs Out, Takes Questions From Fans

This morning, A's second baseman Jemile Weeks participated in a Google+ Hangout with fans from the network, taking questions on everything from who is the most intimidating pitcher he's ever faced (hint: It's not Felix Hernandez!), how he adjusted to the time difference between Tokyo and Oakland from the A's opening series against the Mariners, and who the biggest pranksters are in the A's clubhouse.

Jemile handled questions with poise and was very comfortable with this new format. I was in the room with him during the discussion, and he was unflappable, even when challenged about what might not be considered a hot start. And if you liked what you saw with him last year, he said he could deliver even more. How does a .350 batting average with 15 home runs and 60-70 stolen bases sound?

The video is embedded below. You can follow Jemile Weeks on Google+, as well as the Athletics and, of course, SB Nation. As Jemile wrote afterward, he's looking forward to doing more, so it'd be great to see some of you join. You'll even see fellow ANer Dave Wishinsky in the hangout!

As I did, I am sure you'll learn a lot about Jemile you didn't already know. Off camera, I talked to Jemile about how yesterday was the easiest game winning run he ever scored, and how easily he slipped into a great relationship with Coco Crisp. But I'm off video for good reason. If you're hip to disclosures, I work in marketing at Google on the Google+ team. Looking forward to bringing more A's and Jemile to more people. Enjoy!