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Open Thread: Game 6 - Royals vs. Athletics


Hello, I'll be your host for today's game thread. If the weather holds up today, it will be a matchup of the A's 4th/5th starter, Graham Godfrey, and the Royals' Danny Duffy.

If not...


If tonight rained out, doubleheader likely tomorrow. #Athletics #Royals

I was at the last rainout in 1998. There were about 500 people in the stands for the makeup game the next day. I'm thinking around that many tomorrow if this one isn't played today

There are also two injury updates:

The A's announced that Joey Devine will miss the 2012 season (and probably more) for a 2nd Tommy John Elbow Ligament Reconstruction surgery. Tough break for the guy. He's got such promise as a real shutdown setup man/closer but won't realize it for at least another 12 months. Psst, Joey: Chris Capuano and Jason Isringhausen are pros at this. Seek out their advice.

Brett Anderson threw 45 pitches at full strength from regulation distance. This is very promising, and could put him on track for the July return the A's originally targeted.

So, I guess they cancel out, right? Go A's.

Edit: It looks like the game will NOT start on time. In the interim, please talk amongst yourselves. Lineups will be posted when available

Note for NRAFs: This game is scheduled to be on MLB Network, if it starts at all