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Photos and observations from the A's/RiverCats exhibition

Raley Field welcomes the parent club. Photo by YonYonson.
Raley Field welcomes the parent club. Photo by YonYonson.

I'm not a scout, nor do I play one on TV, but here are some random observations from last night's game. Photos after the jump.

The Oakland Athletics defeated the Sacramento RiverCats 9-0 in a rain-shortened 7-inning game.

  • The A's would do really well in the Pacific Coast League.
  • Tom Milone doesn't have a 95-mph fastball, a nose-to-toes curveball or a devastating slider, but he finds some way to get strikeouts. He fanned six RiverCats in six innings and did not allow a baserunner. I think he's going to be a real joy to watch as the No. 3 starter.
  • Major League bats appear to be kryptonite for Chris Carter. He was a complete non-entity last night, striking out in two of his three at-bats. He and Michael Taylor, another AAA/AAAA guy hoping to prove that he belongs in the show, looked more Minor League. It was kind of sad to see. Taylor's a smart guy, and I was hoping that he'd make the roster when the outfield comprised of Ryan Sweeney, Ryan Sweeney and Ryan Sweeney. I could see one of them being traded to a team that gives them a legitimate chance, and they might do well.
  • Grant Green still has some work to do in center field. Granted, he was in the sun early in the game, but a first-inning error allowed runs to score and a later fly ball to center caused him to take a Byrnesian route to the ball. It looked like he was acting out the Contra code before making the catch.
  • Jarrod Parker will be a solid Major League pitcher. Not right now, maybe not this season, but he's definitely got the stuff. He just needs a little more polish.
  • Andrew Carignan (you pronounce the first n) will be very interesting to watch this season, I think. In the few times I've seen him so far this year, he's pitched with purpose.
  • Stomper also has some conditioning to do. During a pre-game dance off with RiverCats mascot Dinger, he was completely outdone. Dinger was definitely competing for the Major League job. If Stomper doesn't get into shape, and quickly, he could find himself designated for assignment.

Jarrod Parker in warmups:





Tom Milone:



Kurt Suzuki:



National anthem:



The demigod fouls one off:



A's win... fireworks in the rain!