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Spring Training Open Thread: Game 9 - A's vs. Rockies

Well, camp is getting thinner by the day. A moment after it was announced that long-suffering back-up catcher, Landon Powell has been released, the news broke that outfielder Jason Pridie has been suspended 50 games for violating the minor-league drug program. That's a shame; I loved his name.

Anyway, those cuts kind of made themselves. So, onward and upward as we continue to thin the herd, trying to create a 40 man roster, and a starting 25.

The lineup card for today's game is out; it lists Powell as an extra player, but we know that's not true. GameDay is here for your viewing pleasure, and here's the lineup:

Weeks (2B)
Sogard (SS)
Crisp (CF)
Reddick (RF)
Suzuki (C)
Allen (1B)
Donaldson (3B)
Moss (LF)
McCarthy (P)