Big Brothers, Big Sisters AthleticsNation Community Fundraiser -$300 Matching!

Update from baseballgirl: You can paypal me any amount at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail and 100% of your donation will go to the cause.

I've finally spoken to the folks at BB/BS and they are excited about sending kids and their mentors to A's games. I've decided that we'll send any donations to BB/BS because:

1. It was voted 5-3 over Boys and Girls Club

2. The mentors know that some financial responsibility comes with being a mentor and they will buy the kids food at the game. This means we can buy more tickets, because we don't have to worry about food costs.

3. Sending a kid to the game with just their mentor will allow them to learn about baseball and enjoy the GAME rather than being herded around with 10+ kids and MAYBE watching a pitch or two.

I know we didn't get much response in the first thread, but I"m hoping now that spring training is upon us and we all feel the excitement of the season ahead. As I mentioned in the first thread (see link), the first time we did this we raised over $3000. My expectations are a lot lower this time around, but that's ok. I'm going to personally donate $300 if the AN community goes 30/300....30 individual donors adding up to at least $300. That shouldn't be too hard.

Please see the link below for BaseballGirls paypal info to donate. We are hoping to buy all the tickets by March 28th and will of course keep everyone updated on how its going.

And if you donate, please post "GO A's!!!!" in this thread!!!!!!!!