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Open Thread: A's vs. Rivercats - Anticlimatic After Japan Start

Well, it was hard to find, but thank you to iHeartRadio (channel Talk 650 KSTE - Sacramento) for broadcasting the game. Thanks for nothing,

From the radio broadcast, I can't tell which team is which, since most of the players on the Rivercats were also in Spring Training with the A's. For example, I thought Jarrod Parker started the game, and he did, but for the Rivercats. He got lit to the tune of 6 runs in 2 innings. On the other side of the mound, Tommy Milone is dealing through four. I don't think the Rivercats have a hit.

The A's are winning 8-0; we go to the top of the fifth.

In a bit of bad news, Kurt Suzuki was hit by a pitch, and has exited the game; Twitter says it's for "precautionary" reasons.