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Introducing the AN YouTube Channel!

Today is Opening Day (it is after all tomorrow in Japan) so what better time to introduce the all-new Athletics Nation You Tube Channel! AN gets the pleasure of seeing my ugly mug every so often talking A's stuff, which probably will serve only as fodder for my wife to ask me to return to getting a haircut and shaving - maybe that can be something we put to a vote for AN?

The channel's purpose to talk all things A's but I want it to be collaborative so I want people to chime in with ideas, questions, etc. Hopefully I can make it fun/informative/a conversation starter etc. This first video is just introductory so I could make sure I understood the editing suite, how to operate the camera etc, I'm hoping by the end of the year I can graduate to CGI's showing things like the A's scoring lots of runs...

Thank you everyone for watching, hope I can get some constructive feedback and ideas for the upcoming year. GO A'S!