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Upcoming Goodies, And An Open Call For A "Game Thread Specialist"

It's true: Tye goes to the runner.
It's true: Tye goes to the runner.

First off, just F everyone's I, there are some uber-delicious yum-yums in the AN hopper...(Where did that expression come from? Who, in history, mistook an oven for "something that makes you hop," and inadvertently coined a phrase? But I undress digress...)

Monday and Tuesday, Blez will have a two-part interview with Billy Beane. The interview was conducted on March 16th and should be the usual Blezapalooza.

Then, there are real actual games that count on Wednesday and Thursday! (Fine print: Games take place in the middle of the night and you can't see them.)

Finally, Friday is when I'm aiming to have my feature interview with Anthony Recker ready to go. Recker was generous with his time and our 15-minute or so chat covers a lot of history, and stories, that will help you get to know him better.

Meanwhile, I want to put out a general call for someone in the community who might like to join the front page team as a "game thread specialist": Someone assigned to a day of the week who puts up game threads and then writes the post-game recap.

One improvement I have been looking to make this year is to allow certain FPers to be "content specialists" or "game thread specialists" if one is a more natural fit than the other, rather than saying "If you do one, you do the other" when they are such different types of responsibilities. So I'm looking to add to our "game thread" crew, and it's a good role for someone who doesn't fancy the role of "creative writer" so much as the role of a gameday "host for that day's game".

Obviously it needs to be someone who is established enough in the community that readers don't go, "Who? Didn't they join last Thursday? In fact, weren't they banned yesterday?" but I'm open to anyone who has established enough "street cred" to convince me that they're a good choice, even if they are relatively new to AN. I also don't think we can ever have too many good "game thread specialists" since each of our writers will always need a certain amount of subbing help along the way.

So please let me know if you're interested (email me), and know that it's a "foot in the door" for other front page writing if that interests you -- or just a great way to contribute and have a little visibility, as well as appreciation, in the community.

And now, back to this dreary and wet Bay Area day, already in progress...