Another reason to hate the Giants

Because if their opening day was in Japan the F*$@$$*N GAME WOULD BE F@#$%#$@%*N TELEVISED!!!!!! Matter of fact, Comcast Sports Net Bay Area would have an entire special series dedicated to the trip. Even the Mariners, arguably one of the 5 least successful franchises in MLB HISTORY get's their opening day televised. AND CAN WE PLEASE GET A F!@#$%@!#(N RESOLUTION FOR OUR F!@#%$!@#(*N BALLPARK??????!!!!!!!!!!!! Can Lew Wolff stop being so F@!%)@!#*%N nice and polite and demand a F#$%@#$%(@#*N ANSWER ALREADY?!!!

When the Giants won the World Series in 2010, it was a dark day.

Is there any possible way to watch the game online without having to drive 45 minutes to Ricky's sports bar in San Leandro so I can actually watch my team's opening day? I live here in the Bay Area obviously so I'm sure would black me out of a game that's not on TV anyway (thanks guys).

Frustrated Tom