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WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! A's Lose Tough, Gritty Game 8-5

Okay, it wasn't actually tough and/or gritty, but it was baseball, and we're playing it! The A's managed somehow to score 5 runs, so that's what we're going to take away from today's opening contest.

What? You want to know more?

Let's see. Coco singled home the A's first run. Jemile Weeks grounded out the A's second run. Wes Timmons singled home runs three and four, and Eric Sogard hit a homerun for the fifth.

The A's put up 10 hits in total; Weeks, Powell, Sogard, Crisp, Reddick (x2), Pridie (who?), Timmons, and Allen (x2). Michael Taylor and Kurt Suzuki were 0-3 and 0-2, respectively.

Obviously, the pitching was sharp and crisp, allowing 8 runs in 9 innings. Godfrey started the game (and took the all-important loss), allowing two hits and two runs in his two innings (however; he did strike out four).

Milone also threw two innings, allowing one hit and two runs. Balfour finished with the highest ERA of the lot; he allowed three hits and three runs in his inning.

Devine threw a perfect inning, as did Figueroa, but Del Los Santos allowed yet another Seattle homerun (they hit 5 on the day), and Norberto ended the game out with a scoreless ninth.

Those are the basics; what are your thoughts from the game?