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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 19 - A's vs. Diamondbacks

The bad news is that I'm flying back from Phoenix today and thus won't be able to provide a recap to the game. The good news is that I've scheduled, later this afternoon, a post detailing my various observations from 4 days in the Cactus League. So look for that in lieu of a recap following the game...

Too bad spring training games are meaningless and don't predict the season, because 13-4 looks mighty nice on the A's ledger. I'll leave it Somekind Soul to add the lineups, which will not include Chris Carter or Michael Taylor, each banished to AAA yesterday. I will assume each is walking there slowly with his head hung low, since that's how they ended their at bats this spring.

One thing I do know: Jarrod Parker is scheduled to start Monday's game against Josh Collmenter. This is Parker last appearance in the Cactus League and with him being on the bubble to win a spot in the rotation either as the #3or #4 starter (first needed on April 8th-9th) or the #5 starter (first needed on April 16th), this is a big start for him.