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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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You know what's awesome about being an A's fan today? We never have to worry about being pinched.

St. Patrick's Day is actually not about driving the snakes out of Ireland — that's more legend than fact. It's more of a celebration of St. Patrick, known as Ireland's Patron Saint.

It is also not about momentary A's catcher Michael Patrick Barrett, though he should be canonized for this.

Here are some other famous Patricks who have worn green (and well, sometimes blue) over the years.

The Athletics take on the Cubs and Giants in split-squad action today. Both games start at 1:05 p.m. Do us a favor and pinch a Giants fan today.

In no particular order:



1B Pat Bourque, 1973-74 Oakland A's — Bourque hit .217 with two home runs for the 73 and 74 A's.

RHP Sean Patrick Gallagher, 2008-2009 — Acquired from the Cubs for Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin, Gallagher battled injuries throughout his brief tenure as an A.

LHP Jeff Patrick Kaiser, 1985 — Kaiser's career is full of cups of coffee. Given the results, those cups were probably spiked with Bailey's.

OF Patrick Lennon, 1997 — Lennon didn't have a long career, but he got the bulk of his playing time in Oakland, where he hit .293 in 131 plate appearances. He also had a K/BB ratio of 35/15. Great if you're a pitcher. Not if you're a batsman.

C Paddy Livingston, 1909-1911 — Paddy caught for the Philadelphia A's, batting .227 in three seasons.

LHP Patrick Martin, 1919-1920 — In 1920, Martin walked 25, striking out 14 and giving up 22 earned runs... a -1.4 WAR!

C/IF Jamie Patrick Quirk, 1989-1992 — Quirk played for the Orioles, A's and Yankees in 1989, but finished his career in Oakland. He's now the bench coach for the Cubs.

And lastly...

RHP Brandon Patrick McCarthy, 2011-Present — Need I say more?