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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 14 - A's vs. Rangers


The A's won a split-squad thriller (well, as thrilling as March baseball can get) on Tuesday, and with just two more weeks until BASEBALL GAMES THAT MATTER, Melvin and Beane have some decisions to make soon.

Can we also take a quick second to note how silly it is that the A's will play two games in Japan, then get seven(!) days off before playing another meaningful game? If the A's or Mariners were good, that could potentially be a not insignificant competitive advantage, as they'd be able to pitch their best two pitchers in the first four games of the season. Of course, they'd face good pitchers more times too. Probably not a big deal, just weird to me.

Here's a lineup and some guys who might pitch:

2B What

1B Who

3B I Don't Kn...whoops wrong game


2B Jemile Weeks

SS Cliff Pennington

RF Seth Smith

CF Yoenis Cespedes

LF Jonny Gomes

3B Josh Donaldson

1B Kila Ka'aihue

DH Daric Barton

C Anthony Recker

SP Brad Peacock

Other pitchers: Neil Wagner, Ryan Cook, Pedro Figueroa, Erick Threets, Evan Scribner

Knock yourselves out.