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So Who's Starting Games 3, 4, and 5?

In 48 hours, this will be me.
In 48 hours, this will be me.

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Oh, for that headline to refer to the playoffs...


I can't remember; do we want to do well in Spring Training? With their brilliant 9-3 record, the A's are right at the top of the standings. I just need to enjoy that for a moment; at least until I seriously go crazy thinking about Fuentes blowing back-to-back saves in Japan. Fuentes should not be anyone's closer, and I hope someone realizes it sooner, rather than later.

But that is a whole other story. Let's go back to the A's offense; they've been playing so well, that they have been given a day off today.

So, while we're waiting for games to resume (and I will see the games live on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), will someone please tell me who will be in the starting rotation? I was asked at dinner last night who the A's #4 starter would be. Normally, that's a slam dunk; who doesn't know the starting rotation? But I realized that naming the A's starting team is just not all that easy right now; I have no idea who will play the outfield, third or first base, either.

If I had to create the rotation, I'd go with Tyson Ross, Jarrod Parker, and Tommy Milone; at least until Dallas Braden comes back (late April, early May return?). Call me shallow, but I picked Milone over Peacock for the simple fact that Milone has had a full year at Double-A and a full year at Triple-A, compared to Peacock's limited Triple-A experience.

Milone has thrown in three games in this shortened Spring Training; allowing a hit and a run (while striking out three) in his first two-inning appearance; throwing a one-hit three-inning affair his second time out, and got hit on Sunday; giving up four hits and two runs in almost 4 innings.

Although Peacock got lit in his first start against the Angels (four runs in 1.2 innings does not equal a sexy ERA), he rebounded on Saturday with a three inning, one run performance.

I think Ross should be a shoe-in for a spot; he has the experience, and occasionally, the stuff. After giving up a run in his first Spring Training outing, he hasn't allowed one in the next six innings.

Jarrod Parker has also made three Spring Training appearances (he wasn't especially sharp yesterday), but he was a first round draft pick in 2007, and this will be his first full year back from his Tommy John. Most notable in his 7.1 Spring Training innings so far is the 9 K's.

Who is your rotation? Over/under on how many saves Fuentes will blow before finally being put back at set-up?

And most importantly, who is coming to Spring Training this weekend?