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Brew Crew Comes to Muni

Look, I can levitate.
Look, I can levitate.

The Brewers make the long drive in from Maryvale to face Yoenis Cespedes (!!!) and the A's today at Phoenix Muni. The A's throw Jarrod Parker up on the hill - whom I still think begins the season in Sacramento barring an injury in the rotation - I see it shaking out as Tom Milone, Graham Godfrey and Tyson Ross getting those three slots, with Godfrey or Ross moving into a longman role when Dallas Braden returns. The Brewers will counter with somebody, but as of 9:05am I cannot find it on Hardicourt or anyone else's Twitter feeds. They are playing a split-squad game so we aren't going to be getting the Brewers' best it'd seem (and yes, I am cheating, I am writing this well in advance because I have work! :D ). The A's scribe Joe Stiglich however has the scoop for us on who the A's will trot out there so the lineup is:

Pennington, ss
Smith, lf
Cespedes, cf
Ramirez, dh
Reddick, rf
Suzuki, c
Allen, 1b
Donaldson, 3b
Timmons, 2b

Enjoy folks!