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How the A's & Giants Fared, 2000-2011


In response to a post from last week from Ciderbeck, In Defense of Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, I took a stab at showing how the A's and Giants fared from 2000-2011.

A note from the previous post:

Giants built Phone Booth Park and Barry Bonds started shattering home run records. Suddenly 40,000 people a night were Giants fans. Really bad timing to go on our own run. Despite the huge draw in SF, Oakland attendance still jump from around 15,000 pre-Big Three to about 25,000 during the early 2000s run (good for 6th to 7th ranked AL attendance).

What can we gather from the past 12 seasons?

Giants Attendance:
-Increased from 25,659 before moving in to the new park, to averaging 39,147 since then.
-Peak was last season, after winning the WS (41,819).

A's Attendance:
-Highest attendance in 2003 (27,365).
-Huge jump between 2000 and 2001 seasons (19,799 to 26,337)

Records from 2000-2011
A's: 1,045-897
Giants: 1,033-908

An interesting thing to note, during this time period, the A's have made it to the playoffs more than the Giants (A's: 5, Giants: 4).

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