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Open Thread: Game 10 - A's vs. Reds

Note to Scott Cousins: This is how you slide.
Note to Scott Cousins: This is how you slide.

"Now batting...#52...Yoenis Céspedes, CF." Sweeter words will never have been spoken when Céspedes makes his A's debut today batting second. We know this about Céspedes: He can really mash simulated pitching. Now we'll see what he can do against a real Johnny Cueto. A's manager Bob Melvin suggested Céspedes will get "2-3 ABs".

Another storyline worth following today is the start by Bartolo Colon, who will start games 2 and 4 of the regular season. Colon's initial work has left much to be desired (and has left him with a 10.12 ERA), so the A's would like to see him show signs of the "old Colon" ("old" meaning "former" and not "ancient"), especially because it's a shortened Cactus League and Bartolo will have only 2 more tuneups after today before pitching "for realsies" in Japan.

Along with following the game thread, and watching on TV if you can (today's game is on CSNCA in the Bay Area), make a point of reading this fantastic piece on Josh Reddick that Susan Slusser wrote in today's SF Chronicle. It's seriously a "must read".