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A Graphic Look at the A's Prospect List Consensus


Before the Cahill/Gonzalez/Bailey trades this offseason, we were looking at a middle-of-the-pack farm system. Thanks to the top notch pitching we traded away, Billy Beane restocked the farm, and suddenly moved the slider to win a few years away from now. As you can see, last year's Baseball America #1 prospect Grant Green has been bumped down to the second half of this list due to new arrivals of Jarrod Parker, Brad Peacock and A.J. Cole (also due to Green's shift from SS to OF).

The AN community has voted Jarrod Parker and Michael Choice at #1 and #2 in our Community Prospect list. The consensus list tallies 9 of these top prospect lists and really doesn't show too many surprises. Each prospect was assigned points based off of how they placed (#1: 10 points, #2: 9 points, etc). I've listed all the sources after the jump.

Does this match up to what you expected, or do you think there's some guys that may be more deserving of top 10 spots?

Prospects #11-15 shook out like this:

#11 OF Michael Taylor
#12 OF Jermaine Mitchell
#13 RHP Faustino De Los Santos
#14 SS Yordy Cabrera
#15 OF Aaron Shipman

New A's blog, A's Farm, did a pretty good consensus breakdown this weekend, while with similar results, includes some notes on each with ETA.

Here's the full list of prospect lists that the graphic was sourced from:

-Baseball Prospectus
-Baseball America
-Minor League Ball
-Perfect Game
-Top Prospect Alert
-Baseball Prospect Nation
-Seedlings to Stars (Preview list)
-Jonathan Mayo on

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