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Open Thread: The One With The Stadium, Lew Wolff, Fan Fest and Drunk Monkeys

"I know there are a lot of people who have had questions about the moves that have been made, but I do like the front office stepping up, answering questions and showing that there is a path that we're taking and there's reasons for all of this," pitcher Brandon McCarthy said. "It's not just drunk monkeys throwing at a dartboard. People have a plan, and they're trying to do something. This whole day has been a nice surprise." - quoted from Jane Lee's most recent article on FanFest

As I went through this excellent FanPost on FanFest, and this excellent post on FanFest, and this excellent post on FanFest, I sort of remember what it was like to have a faint optimism about the start of the season. Last year was one of my toughest years ever as an A's fan; and it was probably no coincidence that Moneyball was released at the same time. Moneyball reminded us of how close we got during those years; and those so many trips to the playoffs, yet ultimately, how little we have to show for it, especially now. And last year was supposed to be the year we came back; we had the pitching; why, oh why was our team so bad?

I'd written off the whole organization; they don't possibly care about the team, the fans, the future. It might as well have been drunk monkeys drafting, signing, trading, and meeting...and yet? Brandon McCarthy has seen a plan. FanFest was a success. A large percentage of the players came out to join better than 7,000 fans. Lew Wolff spoke; and let's be honest, no one really expected him to.

From Jane Lee again:

"It was fun talking to them," Wolff said. "The fans are very important to us. People think I don't care about them, but I think the people who come here are the most loyal of all fans you can get. I don't know if I was convincing by it, but I was giving them the logic of our people. That's the most you can do. They were extra courteous, which I appreciate. I thought the dialogue was fair."

Wolff stated clearly that Oakland is no longer an option, and the only Bay Area option is now San Jose. From all accounts, he (like everyone else) is tired of the non-response from Major League Baseball.

From people I've talked to, and from what I've read, there was good energy at FanFest. An intangible to be sure, but it's something. Combine that with the legitimate starting pitching races we get to see at Spring Training, and maybe this March will be a fun one after all. Especially since the A's will be playing real baseball in less than two months. Dibs on the middle-of-the-night gamethreads! Which reminds me; only two months until Friday night game threads! For the first time in a long time, I was ready for the season to end in October. But now? There is a faint--very faint--stirring of excitement about baseball again. Who knew?

So...has your perception of Lew Wolff and the stadium situation changed since FanFest? What year will the A's move into a new stadium? Manny-yay or Manny-nay? How many games do you think the A's will win now?