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Worst Case Scenario: Sizemore Reportedly Out For Season With Torn ACL

As Jane Lee tweeteth, a Nation hangs its head in resignation: Only an hour into the A's first workout, their first injury has felled their starting 3Bman, Scott Sizemore, for the 2012 season: Torn ACL in his left knee. So much for "2-6 weeks".

If there's a silver lining to the cloud -- and there isn't -- it's that necessity is the mother of invention and in a perfect world Billy Beane, needing to put a warm body at 3B for the year, pulls another Sizemore and makes an "under the radar" deal for an underrated, cost-controlled player who could be part of the brighter future. Someone like...Oh I don't know...Matt Carpenter?

More likely, someone more Alberto Callaspo-y will keep the base warm while Sizemore recovers, while Josh Donaldson tries to make the most of his teammate's adversity, while Stephen Parker tries to progress, and while Adrian Beltre chuckles. Condolences to Scott and his family; it's a tough blow for A's fans but obviously a tougher one for the Sizemores.