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Oakland Athletics Fantasy Players To Watch

Hilariously, the SB Nation baseball blogs were asked to write about potential fantasy players for their organization. I read the description, and laughed out loud. I mean, I'm not the most experienced fantasy baseball player out there, but are you sure you want to draft the Oakland Athletics? Somehow I can't quite see us mentioned in the big fantasy preview drafts. At all.

So I turned to Oaktown Power, who does play a considerable amount of fantasy baseball, and after he stopped laughing, he said that without a doubt, the highest drafted fantasy player on the A's would be Jemile Weeks.

However, If you want the most intriguing member of the A's on draft day, that honor will go to Yoenis Cespedes. Where will he be drafted? If you had to project him, what would that look like?

If you want the deeper sleeper who may break out, he would go with Jarrod Parker.

And that's your fantasy news. You heard it here first.

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