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Daily Link Dump - 12/6/2012 - Winter Meetings Edition

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Scary and Crazy stuff happening at the Winter Meetings.. Scary and Crazy... Scrazy....

Just say no Billy!
Just say no Billy!
Hannah Foslien

With the Winter Meetings in full swing, lots of deals are being made. The A's have been the subject for several non-deals, but have been confirmed in talks with just about every short stop option on the market.

According to Susan Slusser, the A's and Tigers are both in talks with Stephen Drew. Slusser speculates that if the A's fail to sign Drew, they might try to acquire Jhonny Peralta from the Tigers (who might even end up with Drew themselves). Peralta is a power hitting, good arm SS, but with abysmal range, who might be better off at third base, so I really wonder about acquiring Peralta with the A's contact oriented pitching staff.

Also mentioned in the article is this tidbit;

On Tuesday evening, the A's were close to landing Escobar from Miami in a trade that would have sent Triple-A players to the Marlins, although not, as reported by a national media outlet, infielder Grant Green and right-hander Brad Peacock.

Oakland decided not to pursue the deal, however, over concerns about Escobar's reputation for immature behavior. Escobar, who has expressed a wish not to go to a West Coast team, was traded to Tampa Bay later Tuesday night.

Susan also mentions some interesting information about the potential SS target that I am pulling for, Hiroyuki Nakajima

Also remaining on Oakland's radar: Japanese free-agent Hiroyuki Nakajima. One industry source said that with the A's shortstop options dwindling and a less-than-robust market for Nakajima, the two might be a good match. One club that spoke to Nakajima's agent, Greg Genske, said that he is looking for a three-year deal at about $5 million per season, but few believe Nakajima will get more than one year and perhaps an option

More of Slussers articles can be found here on the SF Chronicle website.

Other tidbits:

Dump Away!