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Winter Meetings Open Thread/Simulation Game

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Cup here, again. I’m writing to let AN readers know of a game I am participating in with representatives from the other 29 SBN baseball blogs. Thought you might like to follow along.

I can see England from my house!
I can see England from my house!
Leon Halip

Max from Royals Review (a great blog to visit if you want to read about another team sometimes) is running a simulation in which each GM is "sent" to the Winter Meetings. In this scenario, Billy Beane has retired to run (insert desired English Premier League team here) and put me in charge. Sorry, David Forst.

Without going into too many details, I will have the responsibilities of the GM as of the day the season ended for the A's. That means, I'm picking whose options to pick up (or not), who to tender (or not), and who to sign as free agents. You can read more details about the simulation, and follow the official transactions using this page Max has set up at Royals Review:

I thought I'd have this thread open on AN in case anyone wants to talk about the sim, or talk about the Winter Meetings in general. Of course, in preparation for this, I've been scanning current and old threads for good ideas. All I can tell you about my strategy is that it will be different than Beane's, but I don't know how differently my team would actually perform. I will also post a wrap-up article on Friday to tell you guys what my experience was.

So, chat here about the Winter Meetings while I make my first free agent offer: 7 years/$160M to Zack Greinke.

Just kidding. Or am I....