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Open Thread: Predictions for 2013

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Simple enough — what do you think will happen in 2013?

Ezra Shaw

As we come up on yet another year, I'd love to look forward and see what AN thinks might happen. It's crazy how things change. A year ago yesterday, the A's had traded Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney to Boston and it looked like Billy Beane was punting the season, especially after trading Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill.

What happened next was absolutely incredible and unpredictable.

But what the hell, let's try to make some predictions anyway — as rosters stand right now, not with imaginary trades involving David Price and Evan Longoria for Andy Parrino and Evan Scribner.

  • Where do the A's finish in the AL West?
  • Do they make the playoffs?
  • If so, how far do they go?
  • Will anyone be traded at the deadline (if so, who)?
  • Who will come out of nowhere to surprise us?
  • Who will regress the most?
  • Who will be the team's best pitcher and best hitter throughout the season?
  • What dance craze will strike the Coliseum next?