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Bobby Crosby And The Comeback

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File this one under "things we are talking about until we go on holiday". Bobby Crosby is looking to return to baseball.

Jared Wickerham

So, we may have picked up a shortstop yesterday, but this news broke today:

Bobby Crosby, the former Rookie of the Year-winning shortstop who hasn’t played since 2010, is attempting a comeback.

Ken Rosenthal of reports that Crosby will hold a workout for teams in mid-January, right around his 33rd birthday.

Once upon a time Crosby was a good-fielding, power-hitting shortstop for the A’s, but injuries and inconsistent production derailed his career. He played more than 100 games just twice in seven full seasons and never topped a .700 OPS after 2005, so at best some team might view him as a potential utility man.

What's YOUR favorite BoCro memory and do you think he has a shot at a comeback?