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DLD 12/18/12 - Out of Cows, Snow Incoming, Rosterbation Commencing

Cowgill has been shipped to the Mets for minor league filler, and the A's bring in Hiroyuki Nakajima to fill the SS void.


So the big news yesterday was the A's signing of Hiroyuki Nakajima to man short for our Oakland Athletics. Meanwhile, AN has speculated that Diaz, the 22 year old Cuban short stop would make a great pick up even with Nakajima, as if he is ready for the majors right away, he can still be slotted pretty easily in at 2B or 3B.

Meanwhile, Colin Cowgill has been shipped to the Mets for Jefrey Marte, who looks at the moment like infield AA filler for 3B.

And as is the case with any transactions involving your favorite team, its time to see how they all fit together for next year.

It is no secret that our biggest weakness is the infield. We will have, especially with the acquisition of Nakajima, a lot of options there, most of which will be at best average.

We can hope that the 2nd Half Donaldson was the real Donaldson. That Weeks is actually good. That Sizemore has recovered and will be good. That Nakajima will make the transition. That Sogard and Rosales do not see playing time.

So I would actually like to acquire Aledmis Diaz when he hits free agency in January. Throwing Diaz and Nakajima up the middle would allow more options in the infield, and allow Sizemore and Donaldson to hold 3B, with less worries about 2B.

So without further ado, my 'projected' lineup.

  1. CF Chris Young/Coco Crisp
  2. DH Seth Smith/Chris Young
  3. LF Yoenis Cespedes
  4. 1B Brandon Moss / Chris Carter
  5. RF Josh Reddick
  6. SS Hiroyuki Nakajima
  7. 2B Aledmis Diaz
  8. 3B Josh Donaldson / Scott Sizemore
  9. C1 Derek Norris / George Kottaras


  1. Brett Anderson
  2. Jarrod Parker
  3. AJ Griffin
  4. Tom Milone
  5. Bartolo Colon