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A's Reportedly Sign Hiroyuki Nakajima To Two Year Deal

I'm standing next to a sexy, sexy man
I'm standing next to a sexy, sexy man

With apologies, and thanks, to those who have already put up Fanposts (they cannot currently be promoted to the "cover"), I want to make sure this news is visible to all: According to the Chronicle, Jon Heyman is reporting that the A's have signed 30-year-old SS Hiroyuki Nakajima to an incentive-laden 2 year, $6.5M deal with a $5.5M option for a third year. The news comes just hours after Stephen Drew signed a one-year, $9.5M deal with the Boston Red Sox.

This times beautifully with Addison Russell's development, allowing him 2-3 more full years to get to the big leagues before the A's would have a potential hole at SS.

Assuming, of course, that Nakajima can make it as a SS in the big leagues. Hopefully this gamble works out as well as the one of the A's made last year with Yoenis Cespedes. That was also "no sure thing" but boy does that contract look good these days.

Regardless, it's sure nice to see the A's address their biggest need by spending $6.5M instead of, say, $125M. Once again, as you look at the off-seasons the various AL West teams have had, you have to like being in green shoes. See the Fanposts for some specific stats and discussions already in progress.

Here is Susan Slusser's write-up on the Drumbeat. (Note: It includes video of Nakajima hitting a homer!)