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Rejected 2013 Promotions And Giveaways

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The A's recently announced their promotional calendar for the 2013 season, including fireworks nights, a Yoenis Cespedes jersey and — most awesome of all — a Grant Balfour ragin' gnome. Here are some promotions that didn't make the cut.

Thearon W. Henderson

The hot stove has been more like like a mini-fridge in Oakland so far this offseason, and I'm fine with that. The biggest news coming from the Athletics organization recently has been their always-fun promotional calendar. Click here to read through it if you haven't seen it.

Some of my favorites include the Yoenis Cespedes jersey on June 1, the Coco Crisp cereal bowl on June 2 (only for kids!?!?), the Grant Balfour ragin' gnome on June 16 and the Coco Lean bobblehead on June 29 (it appears that I'm going to pretty much every game in June).

But a lot of promotional ideas got scrapped. Here's a look:

April 1 vs. Seattle — Opening Night/2006 Oakland A's reunion

The A's take a look back and celebrate the last team to win the AL West. Rich Harden returns to the Coliseum to throw out the first oblique.

April 15 vs. Houston — Jose Altuve night (first 5,000 kids)

The A's welcome the Astros to the AL West, introducing fans to this team from Houston, by giving life-size Jose Altuve jerseys to the first 5,000 kids.

May 1 vs. Anaheim — Josh Hamilton day

Fans receive vouchers for free coffee and Red Bull.

May 27 vs. San Francisco — SwAp Meet

Giants fans, disenfranchised with the team's slow start to the season, can trade in their panda hats or brand-new Buster Posey, Hunter Pence or Pablo Sandoval shirts for an item in the A's team store.

May 28 vs. San Francisco — Derek Norris Chia pet

Fans can grow a beard to be feared.

June 13 vs. New York — Old Timers' Day

The pitching matchup of Bartolo Colon vs. Andy Pettitte figures to be riveting. Plus it'll be over before 5 p.m., so people can get home and watch Matlock.

June 29 vs. St. Louis — Grant Balfour talking bobblehead

Not suitable for children.

July 25 vs. Anaheim — Payroll night

On this night, seats in the second and third deck will cost four times as much, while the cost of the first level will be halved — reflecting the standings and the payrolls of the AL West.

Aug. 3 vs. Texas — WWE Night

Fans coming dressed as their favorite wrestler (or current A's right fielder) get free tickets as the A's lay the smackdown on the weakened Rangers. Metal folding chairs not permitted.

Aug. 17 vs. Cleveland — Dan Straily appreciation night

Half-off tickets to fans whose names start with K. Free tickets if your first and last name both start with K. OK, this is also a blatant attempt to get Kim Kardashian to a game.

Sept. 21 vs. Minnesota — #Travis #Blackley #bobblehead #day

Sponsored by #Twitter.