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It's A Wonderful Life - Saying Goodbye To The McCarthys

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Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the note from Amanda McCarthy, lest any of you think that this world of baseball is just a game, and not a wonderful life, where you root for, and sometimes cry with, people you never would have met otherwise.

Ezra Shaw

In case you haven't seen the tearjerker, yet warm and fuzzy blog post from Amanda McCarthy, I thought I would call attention to it as we say goodbye to the most interactive baseball couple we've ever experienced at Athletics Nation, even as we wish them the best; not just in baseball, but for their lives.

From the start I felt the love in the Coliseum, though I would joke about its cold cement atmosphere, and on those certain freezing nights that the only people there were the right field bleachers and the wives.... I still loved it. I loved those loyal fans, I loved the gritty stadium, I loved the wild players it all made the A's THE A'S!

From a fan perspective, I completely agree. It's kind of impossible not to fall in love with the Oakland Athletics, especially the dream team of 2012, and it's not because we're super special fans (although, of course, we are), but it's also because we have some special people playing for the Oakland A's. I've been watching baseball a long time, and I've never connected with a baseball team on a personal level like I have with this one. And I want Amanda and Brandon to know that it goes both ways. We loved seeing her in the bleachers, in the crowd, cheering for the team just as loud as we were. We all were horrified by how Brandon ended his season--and we all will celebrate his comeback, even from a distance.

Thank you both for making baseball feel like a family; for bringing us together for a magical 162 game ride, for reminding us that players are people too, and for giving us something real to root for.

Thank you everyone for two of my favorite years in baseball so far.

Thank you.

Now, knowing that no one will replace the McCarthys with their knowledge of baseball, their electric personalities, their humor, and general prettiness, which player/family would you most like to see connect with the fans in 2013?