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Daily Link Dump 12/10/12 - Non-A's Blockbuster Edition

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Another huge winter trade has gone down, but the A's were not apart of this one.


Kansas City is trying desperately to compete this year, while the Rays are reloading a bit. James Shields and Wade Davis were sent to Kansas City for Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery and Patrick Leonard.

Interestingly, Jeff Passan had this tidbit:

So that means that either the A's are still very high on Anderson, or Myers did not entice the A's enough. Myers has some 3B experience but has primarily received action in the outfield, of which ours is currently filled.

Other News

  • Marine Layer/Vertig0 has a news recap for today up at his newly redesigned blog, so check it out. Top story that relates to us directly is the defeat of Measure B1, which would have helped fund the Coliseum City plan.
  • For you eSports fans, Liquid Hero defeated viOLet in the North American Star League tournament. Makes you really want to become a Pro Starcraft Gamer (or a pro gamer of any kind).
  • Michael Young is out of the division, off to Philadelphia, with the Rangers picking up most of the tab.
  • After signing Zach Geinke, the Dodgers have signed Korean pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu.
  • Speaking of Asian pitchers making the jump, Shohei Otani will not be going to the MLB, and instead will continue on and stay in Japan, joining the Nippon Ham Fighters.

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