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Athletics Nation Community Prospect List #5

AJ Cole is AN's #4 Prospect, with Max Stassi making the list.

With Cole on the board, Peacock becomes the lone remaining former National left on the board.
With Cole on the board, Peacock becomes the lone remaining former National left on the board.
Christopher Pasatieri

AJ Cole has clinched the #4 spot on the AN Community Prospect List, with Max Stassi narrowly beating Daniel Robertson.

Last year, I wrote this about Stassi

The ever promising Stassi is starting to lose his luster. For Stassi, 2011 saw shoulder injuries and disappointing offensive results. The hope for A's fans is that it was a year of learning, that he will improve defensively, and that his offensive output was hindered by his injury. If not, Stassi will fade into oblivion as so many other catching prospects have. Fortunately, Catcher is one position where many players develop slower, and Stassi being as young as he is, has a lot of time to blossom.

This year, Stassi was healthier, but still managed to only accumulate 360 PA in Stockton, though his 84 games was huge boost from his 31 in 2011 (also in Stockton). Stassi posted an .800 OPS in his repeat year with 15 HR and 18 doubles. Those are some good numbers for a catcher, but we've already seen how Midland has crushed the hopes and dreams of players who've killed at Stockton. Stassi's lukewarm numbers in High A make me fear if he can hold his own in double.

The Rules:

  • Vote for the candidate you like in the poll below. The winning vote getter at the end of the week will go up on the board, and a new slot will open up to take his place.
  • Each week, I will take the top rec'd commented nomination and put him on the list. That means that after the first 5 prospects are put up, it will be you, AN, who chooses who gets up on the board next. So do your research.
  • Each prospect coming up each week will have a bio to introduce him, written by some of AN's front page editorial crew! So look forward to that.
  • In the very likely case of a trade, incoming prospects will be put up to a vote for where they rank between current people on the list. Outgoing prospects will be crossed out, and everyone moved up.
  • If you want to check out Bio's of prospects on the list, check out the previous threads