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Athletics Nation Community Prospect List #4

Michael Choice makes the list, and Brad Peacock makes the vote.

Peacock killed Mr. Green with the Bat in the Study.
Peacock killed Mr. Green with the Bat in the Study.
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Michael Choice has grasped the #3 spot on the AN CPL, with Brad Peacock becoming our latest greatest nominee for the voting round.

Peacock, acquired in the Gio Gonzalez trade last off season, severely under performed with the Rivercats this year. After a 2011 campaign that saw him throw up a 2.01 ERA in AA, a 3.19 ERA in AAA, and a 0.75 ERA in 2 starts for the Nationals, Peacock fell back, failing to make the big league rotation for the A's and posting a 6.01 ERA (4.26 FIP) in 134.2 IP for the Rivercats.

Peacock will need to have a solid season in AAA to push him to Oakland, but if he can produce some solid numbers, and a few injuries before him, might allow him to see some MLB time in 2013. Still, I am leery. I fear that Peacock might become the pitching equivalent to Michael Taylor, a prospect that was awesome till he reached the A's system, then struggled for seemingly no reason. At least he didn't pull a Dan Meyer.

The Rules:

  • Vote for the candidate you like in the poll below. The winning vote getter at the end of the week will go up on the board, and a new slot will open up to take his place.
  • Each week, I will take the top rec'd commented nomination and put him on the list. That means that after the first 5 prospects are put up, it will be you, AN, who chooses who gets up on the board next. So do your research.
  • Each prospect coming up each week will have a bio to introduce him, written by some of AN's front page editorial crew! So look forward to that.
  • In the very likely case of a trade, incoming prospects will be put up to a vote for where they rank between current people on the list. Outgoing prospects will be crossed out, and everyone moved up.
  • If you want to check out Bio's of prospects on the list, check out the previous threads