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A’s, Padres, trade spare parts

Today, the A’s announced a minor trade:


have acquired infielder Andy Parrino and LHP Andrew Werner from the San Diego Padres for Tyson Ross and AJ. Kirby-Jones

Frustrating starter-turned-reliever Tyson Ross is out, as is A.J. Kirby Jones. In comes Andy Parrino, who appears fit the utility infielder role just fine. Andrew Werner appears to be a decent relief prospect who spent the final 6 weeks or so in San Diego.

My first reactions are that I'm more sad about the loss of Kirby-Jones than I am Ross. AJ-KJ had decent pop (21 HR, but for Stockton) and played an average 1B defensively the few times I saw him play in person last year. Granted, he's 24 and still in A+, but I always thought he'd be a good org player who would work his way up to Sacramento by the end of 2013.

As much as Ross is a hometown guy and stuff, he just couldn't keep the fastball down unless he was pitching in Anaheim. Sure, he has the stuff and that slider can be devastating, but the relief roles look pretty locked in for 2013. With Doolittle, Cook, Balfour, Scribner, Blevins, and maybe even Colon all above him on the depth chart, Ross probably wasn't going to get much of a shot in Oakland. I think it'll be good for him, too, as he's shown dominant streaks in Sacramento. He's the classic change-of-scenery guy and I think this will be good for him.

Also, if I'm Eric Sogard right now, I'm definitely looking at my rearview mirror. The A's sure love having options, and this only provides more color to what ought to be a fascinating Spring Training competition for middle infield spots. Ideally, of course, the A's sign Drew or Nakajima, Sizemore and Weeks battle it out, and obviate the need for Parrino, Sogard, or Rosaled to matter.

Anyway, discuss below!